The Metro


Darkness, the metro sits in darkness

as life can sometimes be.

Quiet, the metro lies quiet,

as people who are beginning to dream.

Slowly, the metro goes slowly 

as fast as pain leaves the heart.

Empty, the metro lays empty 

as the hearts of many human beings.



Faster,the metro goes faster

as does the pulse of my heart



Dreaming, I sit here dreaming 

of big things that will soon become true

Thinking, I sit here thinking 

of the many great ambitions I have.


But most importantly, humble,

being humble

is how I need to stay 




*My attempt at some poetry. Not that good, but got to start off somewhere. Inspired by my ride on the metro.


Life can sometimes be humorous

     A couple days ago, I was looking through blogs and unexpectedly found my ex-loved ones blog. I died. Like I died laughing. She wrote some pretty depressing posts. All about how she did not feel it with the guy she was with right now. I guess her “trade-off” did not work well. However what made me laugh were not her miseries but how she got her heart broken. By reading her post apparently the guy she was with is gay. I have nothing against gay people but to change a straight guy who cared for her a ton for a gay guy who was most likely just used her is really funny and sad. I hope she learned her lesson. I can recall like 3 months ago she telling me on the phone how the “guy” she found was perfect for her and how she thought this was serious(I know, what a douche) and it did not come out that way haha. On her posts she was saying how she felt empty with him. Like their “kisses”(hook-ups) did not mean anything anymore. She felt empty with him. The saddest (still funniest) thing is that I remember that I warned her of these kind of people(not gay but people who would hurt her) in the last letter I wrote her. I specifically told her to be careful about being used. Yes, that is how much I cared, I cared for her soul. I really did like her but I guess she did not appreciate it and too bad for her, I do not hold any resentment  towards her though. Anyways even if he was not gay she was being used, hope she recovers because she had a pretty depressing post titled “hanging by a thread”, which means she is in big problems. 

     So ladies remember, be careful when you leave someone who cares for you because you might leave him for some other person who you might regret being with. Think twice ladies. 😉

The Facebook monster

facebook-monsterFaceboook, the social media giant that has revolutionized the world. However from my own experiences it has done more harm than good. It has wasted countless valuable hours that I will never get back. Hours that would be better invested in reading, writing, and doing things that will help me in the future. I would be checking non-stop every other 10 mins to just see what people were doing. As I learned, sometimes it is better to not know too much about a certain person. It is better to get to know the person in person than to actually know there life through just a website. Many things can come in mind without really knowing the person. Facebook has also made me feel depressed at time. Not because of how many more likes someone else got than me or because I have less friends,(I am not a chick… haha, no disrespect to any ladies reading this 😉 ) but mainly because of disapointment. A chick I had really cared about has taken a 180 degree turn once she got into college and became something else. Something that she isn’t. The worst thing is that I had feelings for her and seeing her with like other “guys” really made me feel bad. To be honest it brought me down. But I am tired of that feeling. I am tired of those pictures, I am tired of knowing too much about a person. That is why I deleted my account and now I am realizing that I have been using my time more wisely. e.g. Writing  this blog which  not only can I express my feelings but I am improving my writing skills. Well to finish this off this post, FB does have its pros. For example to keep in touch with people which can be good for networking. I may activate it again, but it would be for profesional reasons, I would have to control myself because everything is better in moderation.

Like Plato said “The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and of wisdom.”


The end of a story



     I saw her today, looking as energetic and beautiful as always. She wanted to talk to me about how sorry she was about how things ended. (Sorry is such a hypocritical word) That was it. I bet she realized it once she got back, that living with all these memories nearby is not easy. That’s why I want to leave. I want to leave this state, this country. Form a new life, take care of myself, stop being a burden. This is really hard, these feelings are hard to live with. I will even confess, I am on the verge of shedding a couple of tears right now. But I know I have to be strong, I have to direct all these emotions and convert them into motivation. I cant wait until college starts again. With this ends the story. The story of a lot of love, hope, and of a broken heart. Time to flip the page and make this year 2013 the best one. 


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” 

The end of the chapter

 After 4 months, I am about to see her. Not my decision, she wants to talk to me. She sent the first text. To be honest I did not want this to happen. I think I was coping fine with not texting her and was partially moving on. But ok, if she wants to talk it is because something is going on. I know she already moved on, which is the weird part… So who knows. I think this will be last time I will see her in my lifetime, I am finally going to let everything go for good. Its a new year and time to put the end to this chapter.